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Amazon Seller Critical Updates August 17, 2020

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Aug 10 – Aug 17, 2020

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Below, you’ll find the best and most actionable tips from the previous week’s 100+ Amazon Seller Posts.

Most Valuable Items

 ITEM #1:  Expert product research strategies from Brandon Young

Brandon Young is almost an 8-figure seller. Here’s his tips.

  • Growing a team is the way to get from 7 to 8 figures.
  • It’s very important to know how people are going to find and buy your product. If you don’t know how people will find it, don’t launch it. Keywords will be critical.
  • Old black hat methods to launch no longer work. For example, using specific URL’s to drive traffic can get you suspended these days.
  • Canton Fair: 90% of booths are not actually factories even though they’ll say they are. Go to get product ideas.
  • Brandon evaluates based on opportunity (keyword opportunity) and risk (how much cash outlay). Good keyword = 500 searches/month that are relevant. Must have at least 15 of these. 15-20 “good” keywords is doable. Over 40 keywords is a “good” opportunity. Click through for full strategy.
  • If cash flow is inhibiting growth, use Kabbage to finance growth.
Full Post here – from Amazon Seller Insights Podcast    

 ITEM #2:  Take advantage of Amazon’s new “request review” feature.

Amazon released a NEW “request a review” process that can reach customers who’ve otherwise opted out of seller emails. You can manually do it per order or automate by doing this.

  • Feedbackwhiz lets you automate this and automate with filters, ASINs, etc and provides analytics.
  • They offer a free 30 day trial to test effectiveness, found here: https://www.feedbackwhiz.com?r=cfm64wpk
Full Post here – from FeedbackWhiz Blog    

 ITEM #3:  Testing Amazon’s new inventory limits and subsequent increases.

Testing Amazon’s new inventory limits and new product inventory increases.

  • For a new product with an average of 3 sales per day, the tester saw an increased in allowed inventory from 200 to 436 within three weeks (2 – 4 weeks).
  • Amazon seems to now make listings “available” for purchase even when inventory hasn’t even been checked into Amazon’s warehouse, but will show a deliver date far into the future.
Full Post here – from Helium10 Blog    

 ITEM #4:  3 advanced Amazon PPC techniques

How to organize and control your PPC campaigns.

  • Split ad groups into separate campaigns to control how much money goes to each ad group, otherwise Amazon controls this.
  • Include a maximum of 10 keywords per campaign so you can control which gets ad dollars.
  • Don’t include high volume keywords with low volume keywords within a campaign to avoid “bullying.”
Full Post here – from Helium10 Blog    

 ITEM #5:  Walmart+ (Prime competitor) details and how to get involved.

Walmart launched “Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS)” to compete with Amazon. They handle all pick, packing & shipping. Here’s how to get involved.

  • Walmart requires acceptance into the program unlike Amazon (open to anyone paying).
  • WFS is free unlike FBA ($39.99 per month).
  • Walmart has far less saturation. Supposedly sellers get 13x more traffic here than on Amazon.
  • WFS has guaranteed 2-day free shipping for orders over $35, but this will be waived with the launch of “Walmart+” costing shoppers $98 per year (similar to Prime).
  • You must have a tax ID to apply here: https://marketplace.walmart.com/wfsinterest/
  • Referral fees found here by category (6% – 20%): https://sellerhelp.walmart.com/s/guide?article=000006011
Full Post here – from Jungle Scout Blog    

 ITEM #6:  Use Amazon’s new “virtual bundling” feature

Amazon has a new opportunity to bundle your products virtually rather than physically package together.

  • Only available for US, brand registered sellers. You can bundle 2 to 5 ASINs.
  • Pricing should be lower than if bought together separately.
  • You can run sponsored brand ads to bundles.
  • Bundle products that are “complementary.” Look at your “market basket” analysis in your brand analytics dashboard in seller central.
Full Post here – from Playbook for Amazon Podcast    

 ITEM #7:  4 Pro PPC tips we haven’t heard before

1) target new competition (products with no reviews – sort by “new arrivals”) with a product targeting campaign

  • 2) target in Spanish (can use google translate or “search terms” report)
  • 3) Auto campaigns target 4 types: close match; loose match; substitutes; compliments – instead of one campaign for all four, make four campaigns and target each separately.
  • 4) Category targeting and target bad competition. Product targeting campaign – choose “category” and select subcategory, then click “filter” and choose low star rating and price.
Full Post here – from Travis Marziani YouTube    

Other Noted Items

Blog  – Amazon Seller Insurance Requirements

Amazon requires liability insurance (up to $1M) for “Pro” merchant accounts if sales exceed $10k for three consecutive months. Here are details.

  • You must have Commercial General Liability (CGL), Umbrella and/or Excess Liability Insurance coverage.
  • Insurance typically costs between $500 to $1k per year.
Full Post here – from Jungle Scout Blog


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