2020-08-24 Amazon Seller Updates

Amazon Seller Critical Updates August 24, 2020

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Aug 17 – Aug 24, 2020

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Below, you’ll find the best and most actionable tips from the previous week’s 100+ Amazon Seller Posts.

Most Valuable Items

 ITEM #1:  If UK reaches NO DEAL with EU by year end…

UK withdrew from EU with hard date of 12/31/2020 to figure things out.

  • UK may or may not enter into a “Free Trade” agreement with EU. Prepare for No Deal.
  • Amazon UK FBA operations may be split from European Fulfillment Network.
  • May need to duplicate 3PL, Importer of Record, and VAT registration for UK and EU.
Full Post here – from EcomEngine Blog    

 ITEM #2:  Prime Day placeholder date October 5th

Prime Day still not set, but Amazon said keep October 5th as a placeholder.

Full Post here – from EcomEngine Blog    

Other Noted Items

Podcast  – Mastering Facebook Marketing with Kevin Urrutia – Part 1

Facebook trends & best practices

  • Can’t compete now on optimizing FB ads & audiences as much. It’s becoming more about actual content.
  • Testimonial videos working very well. Describe problem in first 3 seconds (ex “do you have dry skin?”).
  • CPM’s much cheaper on FB than on Google.
  • Don’t focus on your brand. Focus on the problem you’re solving.
  • If Facebook pixel isn’t installed on your site, do that ASAP.
  • New Facebook Trends: “bidcap” on FB lets you choose how much you want to pay per conversion. Need big audience for this. Don’t be scared of broad audience, because FB algorithm so good now.
Full Post here – from Amazon FBA Seller Round Table Podcast

Blog  – YouTube Marketing for Amazon FBA

YouTube marketing best practice tips.

  • Keep 8-10 minutes and edit so no downtime.
  • Don’t focus entirely on your product, but on how it’s used. I.e. for garlic press, “top 5 uses for garlic.”
  • Give yourself a 6 month timeframe and set a goal for 30 videos.
  • Use YouTube Ads.
Full Post here – from AMZ Tracker Blog

Blog  – Amazon Handmade: Crafting a Business with Handmade Products

Example: woodwork; paintings; custom clothes. Amazon’s “Handmade” program is similar to Etsy. There’s no monthly fee to sell – just 15% referral fee per sale. https://sell.amazon.com/programs/handmade.html

  • 3 types: solo maker; maker with less than 20 employees; group of makers (like a nonprofit)
  • Must specify between: made entirely by hand; altered product; handmade and customized for buyer
Full Post here – from Helium10 Blog

Blog  – Alternatives to Amazon Fulfillment

Consider a 3PL to avoid Amazon FBA restrictions, heavy storage fees, long delays in processing inventory, poor customer service and high shipping cost.

  • FBA alternatives include: 1) FBM (cheapest): you store and ship 2) SFP or Seller Fulfilled Prime: it’s FBM but you get the “Prime” badge. Currently a waitlist 3) 3PL: 3rd party does your FBM shipping
  • 3PL potential benefits: – lower storage costs – more inventory control – quality control – account manager – cheaper shipping rates – brand shipping boxes – multi-channel fulfillment
  • Popular 3PL’s: ShipBob, ShipMonk, Red Stag, A2B
Full Post here – from Jungle Scout Blog

Blog  – How to Meet Amazon’s Requirements to Sell Toys (Before the Holidays)

For FBM accounts, the following rules must be met to sell Toys & Games. – first sale in any category before 9/1/2020 – From 8/15/20 through 10/14/20 you must have shipped at least 25 orders – cancel rate less than 1.75% from 9/15 to 10/14 – late shipment rate less than 1% as of 10/14 – defect rate less than 1% as of 10/14

Full Post here – from Jungle Scout Blog

Podcast  – Planting Seeds For NEXT Product Launch or Promotion (The Runway Method)

The Runway Method to launch products.

  • 4 weeks before product launched, start mentioning product topic multiple times per week via email, facebook, blog post, etc.
  • Run Facebook ads to these, track who views this and retarget when launched.
Full Post here – from Rock Your Brand Podcast Scott Voelker Podcast

Blog  – The 7 Best Things to Sell on Etsy for New Sellers in 2020

Jewelry, Craft Supplies, Personalized Clothing, Graphic Designs & Printables; Craft Kits, Stickers, Wedding Stationary

Full Post here – from Sellbrite Blog


Helpful list of URL’s and descriptions to the most important pages of you Amazon Seller dashboard.

Full Post here – from Seller Labs Blog

Podcast  – Here are the Latest Trending Amazon Topics – Crowdfunding, Wholesaling, and a Free PPC Tool

Trending Amazon Strategies

  • Crowdfunding: sellers use kickstarter to pre-sell products
  • Wholesale: brands can’t keep up with demand & inventory management during covid. Sellers stepping up to take advantage.
  • Sponsored Display Ads: now available to sellers. Ad is below “Buy Box.” Ads can be shown outside of Amazon. Can serve ads to past purchasers.
  • Sponsored Display does very well during holiday shopping season.
Full Post here – from Serious Sellers Podcast (Helium 10)

Podcast  – Is Buy and Hold a Good. Strategy for Amazon Sellers

Buy products, hold & sell at optimal time. Does this work?

  • No – Bad Idea because: 1) no guarantee price will go up 2) storage costs 3) opportunity cost of capital tied up
  • Yes if can sell within 30 to 45 days for 2x.
Full Post here – from The Full Time FBA Show Podcast


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