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Below, you’ll find the best and most actionable tips from the previous week’s 100+ Amazon Seller Posts.

Most Valuable Items

 ITEM #1:  Opt into the “FBA New Selection” program immediately

Benefits include the ability to qualify for free monthly storage, free removals, and free returns processing on eligible ASINs that are new to FBA. Simply click here to see if eligible and to opt in.


 ITEM #2:  some “non-essential” items still unable to be replenished

Originally, Amazon set a “return to normalcy” date of April 5th. As of April 9th, some non-essentials still aren’t able to be shipped. The easiest way to check your items eligibility is from this Seller View


 ITEM #3:  File for your PPP “free money” grant immediately if you haven’t already

The stimulus act provides this money on a “first come first served” basis. To file, first check with your primary bank. If they’re not able, check this option. Sole proprietors can get $21k in cash and those with employees can get more.


 ITEM #4:  “Prime Day” delayed

Last year it was July 15th. This year, it will be moved “at least until August”

Other Noted Items

 BLOG  – Paycheck Protection Program: Does Your Amazon Business Qualify?
Hundreds of billions of dollars up for grabs. Your business is eligible if less than 500 employees. The deadline to apply is June 30, but don’t wait because the money will likely be gone. You can get 2.5x payroll up to $10M. view post – by EcomEngine
  • 🚨Apply to the PPP program through your primary banker. If they can’t, then apply with any SBA backed bank. Here’s one option.
 BLOG  – How to adjust Amazon advertising in a COVID market.
How to adjust Amazon advertising in a COVID market
  • Consider new DSP ads, Sponsored Brands and retargeting if not already due to shift in market. Start slow to test.
 BLOG  – How to Choose Dropshipping Products: The Ultimate Guide!
Drop-shipping benefit = never holding inventory. Minimal investment. You’re only marketing. When picking a product, avoid “gut’ feeling and use data and available tools (Google Trends, CamelCamelCamel, etc). [April 8, 2020 by XSellCo]
 BLOG  – Coping with Suspensions by Amazon Notice Infringement Teams
Changes in account & product suspensions. Even sellers with documentation getting denied reinstatement. Infringement types include trademark, copyright, patent or “other IP. 
[April 8, 2020 by Helium10]
 BLOG  – Amazon Brand Registry in 2020
Amazon Brand Registry protects again hijackers & other threats. You must have a trademark for approval. Trademark approval takes about 10 months and approval with Amazon takes roughly 2 weeks. Benefits to Brand Registry include:
  • Access to “Transparency” program
  • Access to A+ Content (more images, video, etc)
  • Amazon Store Front
  • Sponsored Brand Ads
  • Amazon Live Creator
  • Brand Analytics. 
 BLOG  – Amazon Freezes Non-Essential-Product Shipments from Its Third-Party FBA Sellers
April 5th has come and gone. Some non-essential products still unable not able to be replenished.
  • Check this report to see which items you can replenish.


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