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Amazon Seller Critical Updates August 2, 2020

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Below, you’ll find the best and most actionable tips from the previous week’s 100+ Amazon Seller Posts.

Most Valuable Items

 ITEM #1:  Amazon Seller address to be publicly displayed soon

Beginning September 1, 2020, your Amazon Seller address will be publicly displayed.

  • Get a PO Box (at UPS or other) and change your address in your seller account. here: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/sw/AccountInfo/BusinessAddress/step/BusinessAddress
Full Post here – from FeedbackWhiz    

 ITEM #2:  Major changes to FBA Inventory Levels & Scores

FBA Sellers are facing 3 major new changes: 1) Minimum IPI Score of 500 – if under, you’ll have quantity limits and FBA fees could experience huge increase in Q4. 2) New inventory limits starting Aug 16th (based on ASIN) – $10/cubic foot per month 3) Free inventory removal orders – “for a limited time” Expect very slow inbound shipment processing.

  • Use FREE removal period to remove excess inventory ASAP.
  • If IPI under 500, get it to over 500 within next two weeks!
Full Post here – from Seller Engine    

 ITEM #3:  Save money with USPS Flat Rate Boxes?

USPS Priority Flat Rate Boxes can save a lot on shipping, particularly if sending heavy stuff a long distance. Packages cost the same from 0 to 70 pounds and regardless where shipped in the US. It delivers in 1-3 days, includes up to $50 in insurance and includes tracking.

  • Consider USPS flat-rate shipping as an option. Rates here: https://shippingeasy.com/blog/what-are-usps-flat-rate-boxes/
Full Post here – from Shipping Easy    

Other Noted Items

Blog  – A Peek Behind the Curtain: Finding Amazon Backend Keywords

Backend keywords (Search Term and Subject Matter) are more important than listing bullet and descriptions, but often overlooked.

  • Consider your keyword in a foreign language as a back end term. Use a tool like Helium10 to find these based on search traffic and difficulty to target (how many target with paid keywords).
  • Use all 5 spots for “Subject Matter” and all 50 characters per entry if relevant.
Full Post here – from Helium10

Podcast  – Private Label Law With eCommerce Lawyer Robert Wright

Make sure your Amazon business is legally protected.

  • When getting product photos, logos, designs done, make sure you get a “work for hire” or a “copyright assignment” agreement or designer likely still owns those copyrights.
  • As soon as you have money coming in from the business, you’ll want to have a corporate vehicle (LLC, etc).
Full Post here – from QA Selling Online


Your “unavailable balance” is not fully explained by Amazon, but know some money is always withheld.

  • If needing to access Amazon’s capital, consider using Payability (LINK HERE)
Full Post here – from Seller Labs

YouTube  – Top 3 Advanced Amazon PPC Tactics You Need to Try

Advanced PPC strategies.

  • Always use exact match negative keywords in your “auto” campaign so doesn’t compete with your manual exact campaign. Learn in “auto” and move to manual campaign.
  • Targeted “Phrase” match rarely used – less efficient. Negative “Broad” match negative used.
  • Amazon is pushing “Sponsored Brand” ads (lifestyle / video). Video, specifically is converting well possibly due to lack of competition initially. Start with your best performing product(s).
  • Targeting competitors in a “competitor” campaign vs targeting those competitor ASINs in sponsored product campaign will show up in same place, currently.
Full Post here – from Sellics

Podcast  – How to Build Out an Accounting System Using Automation with Scott Scharf

Catching Clouds does accounting for e-commerce businesses ($1M to $50M level). For self-managed accounting, Xero is better than Quickbooks. Neither will be sophisticated enough to determine per-item profitability. A2X can do most of that. https://www.a2xaccounting.com/amazon

  • If you’re planning to sell your business, you must be using Accrual Accounting, not “cash accounting.”
  • If Balance sheet doesn’t balance (assets = liabilities + SE) then you can’t trust the Income Statement.
  • Many sellers don’t understand their margin because they don’t include all expenses in their “landed cost,” such as tariff costs, freight, local shipping, etc.
Full Post here – from The Quiet Light Podcast

Podcast  – Building Relationships With Suppliers | Scott’s Tips

How to get a supplier to let you sell their product.

  • Focus on their needs, not yours. Don’t ask, “are you adding new accounts?” Don’t give them an easy “out.” Always meet in person when possible. Source local if doable.
  • Stress that you are “low maintenance.” They’ll only see a purchase order and invoice.
  • If they have a weak presence on Amazon, focus on your ability to add bundles, kits, variations, expert photos & optimized listings.
Full Post here – from The Smartest Amazon Seller (in the room)


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