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$300k in DAILY Sales?! These 6 Covid-19 Products are Winning the Pandemic

Below are six Covid-19 products on Amazon that are generating millions of dollars in monthly sales. All are fulfilled by Amazon’s FBA program and each has successfully navigated Amazon’s strict and ambiguous vetting process.

We have no reliable data on how many sellers have been prohibited from selling similar items as those below. We do know, however, that many in our FBA community attempting to compete with these Covid-19 products on Amazon received the following notice.

“You are receiving this message because you are currently selling, or have previously sold, products such as disposable face masks, hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes/sprays, isopropyl alcohol or related products. We have implemented more stringent requirements to sell these products in our store and as a result, your offers have been removed. We are not accepting applications to sell these products at this time.”
– Amazon Seller Central

We’re constantly amazed at Amazon’s power. With one decision, the company can “make or break” a seller. Some mid-level manager, presumably in Seattle, can potentially enrich or destroy an entrepreneur attempting to compete on the platform.

Any professional Amazon FBA Seller will take immediate note of the many flaws in the product listings below. You’ll find terrible images, misspellings, and a lack of attention to optimization.

The sellers affiliated with the items below are among the blessed few bestowed with great riches by all-mighty Amazon, despite their many imperfections.

The sales traffic and revenues figures were collected using one of our favorite Amazon Seller Tools, Viral Launch.

Covid-19 Products on Amazon

Below you’ll find the most successful Covid-19 products on Amazon (US Marketplace). Each is selling over $100k per day

Most Successful Covid-19 Products on Amazon - #1 Face Masks infographic with Sales Volume

#1 – Face Masks

Not surprisingly, face masks are at the top of the list for Covid-19 products on Amazon doing MILLIONS in monthly sales. Keep in mind, this is just in the US alone. The bulk face mask product above contains 2,000 pieces. Some quick math shows that they’re selling two million containers of face masks per day! That’s enough to mask all of Boston, Miami and Atlanta in ONE DAY OF SALES. While we’re also terrified of Amazon, we have to also relish in its power to provide face masks so efficiently.

Most Successful Covid-19 Products on Amazon - #2 Hand Sanitizer infographic with Sales Volume

#2 – Hand Sanitizer

The product you see above includes 384 individual hand sanitizer bottles. Amazon Sellers will be interested in checking out this product listing page. While it’s among the top Covid-19 products on Amazon, its listing wouldn’t suggest that it does $383k in daily sales. The images are a bit janky and the logo is clearly super-imposed on the product. The listing bullet points have a strange capitalization scheme and could definitely use some cleaning up. As I criticize these points, I’m quickly humbled remembering that my entire portfolio does 2% of this one product.

Most Successful Covid-19 Products on Amazon - #3 Thermometer infographic with Sales Volume

#3 – Thermometer

It’s no wonder this Covid-19 product is winning the pandemic. It has a beautiful listing including all “best in practice” FBA recommendations. It also has 21k reviews and a 4.5-star rating. Our guess is that this product has been around for longer than the pandemic and is riding this wave straight to the bank. As opposed to the two products above, it’s nice to see Amazon surface a high-quality, existing seller who is solving an obvious pain point exacerbated by this crisis.

Most Successful Covid-19 Products on Amazon - #4 Face Shield infographic with Sales Volume

#4 – Face Shield

Only in America can someone cut up a pool noodle, paste it onto a flattened, 2-liter bottle, and sell $6.6 million in product per month. Other than the “sponge daddy,” the has to be the lowest budget yet most successful product ever made. If this product were a movie, it would be “The Blaire Witch Project.” Consistent with the item itself, the Amazon product listing is “minimal,” to state kindly. Product bullets aren’t optimized. The product description is a copy/paste of the products bullets. And, there is no A+ content.

Most Successful Covid-19 Products on Amazon - #5 Air Filter infographic with Sales Volume

#5 – Air Filter

This portable HEPA filter is among the Covid-19 pandemic winners. We know nothing about air filters, but can comment on the Amazon FBA product listing with some confidence. The item has a solid, 4.5 star rating, good content, and the Amazon’s Choice badge for “portable heap filters.” According to Viral Launch, that keyword has an estimated 4k+ monthly searches. Among the leaders are multiple air filter providers generating sales in the millions of dollars per month.

Most Successful Covid-19 Products on Amazon - #6 Pulse Oximeter infographic with Sales Volume

#6 – Pulse Oximeter

What is a pulse oximeter? Who knows. We do, however, know that thousands are sold on Amazon every day and that this one product generates $3.4 million in sales per month. Of all products mentioned here, this has the highest quality Amazon FBA listing. Images are beautiful and include a video. A+ content is pristine. Keywords are optimized. Verbiage is on point. Ratings are stellar and the product has the Amazon Badge for “pulse oximeter.” Nice work, seller!

Again, the data included above is based on the U.S. Marketplace. It was collected using Viral Launch. We’ve used the product for years and it’s been instrumental in our growth to become a 7-figure seller. You can read more about Viral Launch here.

We’d love to get your feedback on these absolutely dominant Covid-19 products on Amazon, particularly if you have experience as an FBA Seller. Bonus points for including your favorite mistake in the product listing pages above!


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