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Every day there are hundreds of Amazon Seller publications released. These include blog posts, podcasts, videos, and social media posts.

This firehose of information is mostly beginner tutorials (ex “how to sell on Amazon“) or generic content (ex “5 industries to watch in 2020“).

Occasionally, though, there’s a nugget of game-changing content to take our Amazon Seller business to the next level. Often, these are time-sensitive, which is why we follow these publications so closely.

By doing so, we’ve been ahead of our competition… often by months. And we’ve seen $10k+ improvements to our bottom line with small tweaks here and there as a result.

We looked everywhere for a reliable source of curated information for Amazon Sellers. When we couldn’t find it, we hired a team to do it ourselves.

Here’s a sample list of Amazon Seller publications tracked closely by our team.

Amazon Seller Podcasts

The Amazing Seller
My Wife Quit Her Job
The Side Hustle Show
Silent Sales Machine Radio
Serious Sellers Podcast
Amazon FBA Private Labeler Show
AM PM Podcast
Private Label Movement
Viral Launch
FBA Millionaires
Jason & Scott Show
The Amazon Entrepreneur
Amazing Freedom
eCommerce Momentum
Wholesale Made Easy
Full Time FBA Show
The Smartest Amazon Seller
Playbook for Amazon Podcast
FBA All Stars
Online Retail – Amazon Seller
eCommerce Momentum
Wholesale Made Easy
Marketing for eCommerce
QA Selling Online
The Unstoppable Entrepreneur
Amazon FBA Seller Roundtable

Amazon Seller Blogs

EcomEngine Blog
Sellics Blog
Sellbrite Blog
Helium 10 Blog
Jungle Scout Blog
Seller Labs Blog
Viral Launch Blog
Seller Engine Blog
PPC Entourage Blog

Amazon Seller YouTube Channels

Fulfillment by Amazon
Full Time FBA
JT Franco
Private Label Masters
Travis Marziani
Paul J Savage
Jungle Scout
Tatiana James
Amazon Seller Education
Viral Launch

Amazon Seller Subreddits

Fulfillment by Amazon
Resources for Amazon Sellers
Private Labeling

Amazon Seller Facebook Groups

Amazon FBA Jungle
FBA Ninjas!
Amazon FBA High Rollers
Amazon FBA Empire Builders
FBA Marketing Secrets

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