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Automated Amazon Reimbursements

Don’t miss out on any Amazon Seller reimbursements by taking advantage of AMZ Suite.  According to the company’s website, it allows you to “maximize your profits by automating tedious tasks like reconciling refunds, managing damaged inventory, removing negative feedback, and requesting reimbursements.”

The software offers the following features.

Feedback Sentry:  Neutral and negative feedback is not only detrimental to your overall seller rating, it can impact your sales, financial gains, and future Amazon potential. Feedback Sentry (by AMZ Suite) allows you to automate feedback monitoring and activate the software’s removal system. Before Feedback Sentry, Amazon sellers had to manually request feedback removal for every neutral or negative review that didn’t pertain to them as a seller. Thankfully, that time has now passed. Feedback Sentry was designed to automatically monitor a seller’s account for negative or neutral feedback, and automatically submit a removal request for any feedback that violates Amazon’s feedback policy.

Refund Rescuer: Refunds will always be a part of any sales plan, no matter how good the product or the marketing strategy. Even though you’re working closely with Amazon, there are times when a product isn’t returned by the buyer properly and you won’t receive the money that you’re owed. When this happens, AMZSuite’s Refund Rescuer will be there to help you get your money back, automatically. Don’t leave money on the table; let Refund Rescuer help save the day.

Inventory Salvager: When you’re an Amazon seller relying on the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service, your products are being stored with millions of other products from all around the world. While it’s convenient for you to have them shipped out and verified by Amazon, if problems arise where products are damaged or lost, going through the reimbursement process can be time consuming and difficult. With AMZSuite’s Inventory Salvager, we’ll automatically manage your reimbursement process, so you can remain focused on landing more sales.

AMZ Suite Screenshot

There’s only one subscription level for the product. It includes all three features mentioned above (Feedback Sentry, Refund Rescuer, & Inventory Salvager).

Price:  $79 per month

To learn more about AMZ Suite, click below.

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If you’ve used Feedback Sentry, Refund Rescuer, & Inventory Salvager, please add your feedback in the comments section below.

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