DS Amazon Quick View is a Chrome Extension to uncover the underlying metrics of Amazon product pages. As an Amazon Seller, a product page’s performance is very important, but difficult to track.

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  • DS Amazon Quick View Extension
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  • DS-Amazon-Quick-View-App

DS Amazon Quick View allows the user to navigate to any Amazon product page to view stats, including the following. 

Category Rank: showing the amazon product best seller rank in the listing’s parent category.
Sub Category Rank: showing the best seller rank in the Amazon product listing’s sub-category.
ASIN Number: listing the item’s ASIN number directly within the listing results.
Sellers: displaying the number of sellers with a quick link to those listing the particular product.
CamelCamelCamel Quick Links: easily click out to see the product’s price history as tracked by CamelCamelCamel.com
Premium Features: supports all Amazon domains (not just “.com”), includes price history display without clicking out, has interactive Keepa graph, shows BSR chart, lowest FBA price, indicates when no Buy Box and filters by “Prime” and “sold by Amazon.”

The chrome extension is free to download from Google’s Store.

What is DS Amazon Quick View?

DS Amazon Quick View is a Chrome Extension product for Amazon Sellers to gain additional information from product listings. This extra data includes category rank, sub-category rankings, ASIN number, seller count, and more. From the search results, extra data is displayed within this list view so the viewer doesn’t need to click through and scroll around to find this data.

What is in the DS Amazon Quick View Extended App?

The premium (Extended) version of the application includes the following added functionality: all Amazon domains (not just “.com”); price history display without clicking out to CamelCamelCamel; interactive Keepa graph; BSR chart; lowest FBA price; indication when not Buy Box winner; filters for “Prime” and “sold by Amazon.” See the chart below to compare to the free version.

How much does the Chrome extension cost?

The basic version is completely free. The extended app is a one-time purchase of $19.99.

How do you use DS Amazon Quick View?

Download the free Chrome extension in Google’s App Store and search Amazon as you’d normally do when looking for a product. We walk through the 4 easy steps below.

Below, you’ll find the few simple steps to installing the Quick View app from Google’s App Store and using the software on Amazon.


How to use DS Amazon Quick View Chrome Extension.

  1. STEP #1: Download Chrome Extension

    DS Amazon Quick View How to Use 1

    Go to the Chrome App Store (while using your Chrome browser) and click “Add Extensionfound here.

  2. STEP #2: Adjust Settings

    DS Amazon Quick View How to Use 2

    If using the free app, we advise that you check all items other than “hide sub-ranking.” But, feel free to play with those as you’d like.

  3. STEP #3: Search Amazon

    DS Amazon Quick View How to Use 3

    Go to Amazon (free version works only for .com) and search for the desired product. In the list view, you’ll notice under each product is additional information.

  4. STEP #4: View Stats

    DS Amazon Quick View How to Use 4

    You’ll find rankings populated below each product automatically. To get additional info, press the “command” button then hover over the product image. That will bring up an info box showing additional product stats if the settings are adjusted per the directions above.

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