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Developed by Seller Labs, Feedback Genius is a tool to help “save time and improve your Amazon seller feedback and grow your product reviews by sending buyers automated messages.”

Feedback Genius allows you to do the following.

Automate Customer Messages:  Grow feedback and reviews with automated and targeted emails. Take back your time and automate your Amazon Buyer-Seller emails. Feedback Genius is easy to use and takes less than an hour to set up.

Optimize Email Timing:  Reach buyers at the perfect moment. Increase the likelihood of getting feedback or a review by sending relevant messages to buyers at the right time. Feedback Genius sends emails based on tracking information from UPS, FedEx, USPS and more.

Improve User Experience:  Help buyers use your products. Resolve a negative experience by responding to unsatisfied buyers. Message buyers who have left either a negative or neutral product review to help remedy the situation.

Use Pre-Populated Templates:  Each account comes ready out of the box with a variety of templates, each with a specific goal. The templates are customizable.

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Seller Labs offers a 30-day Free Trial period for their Feedback Genius product.

Pricing ranges as seen below.

Minimum Price:  $20 per month (1,000 emails)

Maximum Price:  $250 per month (60,000 campaigns)

To learn more about the product:

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