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Developed by Seller Labs, Ignite is a tool to help “ get intelligent keyword and bid suggestions that increase profit and lower ACoS percentages.”

Ignite allows you to do the following.

Automate Seller Ads:  Save time by automating your Sponsored Products ads. Ignite offers decisions based on historical data so you can spend less time managing campaigns and more time optimizing them for profit..

Lower Amazon Advertising Costs:  Stay below your target ACoS percentage and spend less money on ads. Grow sales using targeted keywords, which result in lower ACoS percentages and higher conversions..

Campaign Analysis:  Know your winners and losers. Make educated advertising decisions by recognizing your profitable and unsuccessful campaigns at a glance. Ignite collects more than 60 days’ worth of data providing you with a holistic view of your campaigns..

Campaign Dashboard:  Manage all of your Sponsored Products campaigns in one spot, regardless of the marketplace. Simplify your campaign management whether you’re an individual seller or an agency.

Ignite by Seller Labs Screenshot

Seller Labs offers a 30-day Free Trial period for their Ignite product.

Pricing ranges as seen below.

Minimum Price:  $49 per month (5 campaigns)

Maximum Price:  $499 per month (100 campaigns)

To learn more about the product:

Click here for details on Ignite by Seller Labs

If you’ve used Ignite by Seller Labs, please add your feedback in the comments section below.

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