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Find new products to sell and track & analyze your existing inventory with Inventory Lab.  According to the company’s website, it performs the following. “InventoryLab provides innovative and effective solutions. With Stratify you’ll research products, list and manage your inventory, track your expenses, analyze your profitability and more. Our Scoutify app gives you a powerful advantage when sourcing profitable inventory for your business using your mobile device.”

Inventory Lab includes the following two tools.

Stratify:  The company’s marquee application offering powerful tools and features to increase your business’s efficiency and profitability, including features seen below.

  • Research – Simple real time product scouting. Precise data in the areas that matter most.
  • List – List products, print labels, build FBA shipments or add to your Merchant Fulfilled inventory, track costs, and visualize your net profit.
  • Accounting – Manage everything from mileage to business overhead with expense tracking. With automated income tracking you know the profitability of each and every sale.
  • Inventory – Manage your inventory and view total in-stock value, sales value, and accounting details.
  • Reporting – Comprehensive reports that enable you to know what products, suppliers, and categories are profitable for your business, and visualize your overall net profit.

Scoutify: A powerful advantage when sourcing profitable inventory for your business via your mobile device. The app offers the following features.

  • Product Scan – Use the built-in barcode scanner or pair scoutify with your Bluetooth scanning device.
  • Profitability – Enter your cost per unit to see the potential profitability of an item. Learn how often an item sells and its historical profit margin. Compare sales in other online marketplaces.
  • Product Details – View key product details: Rank, category, offers, buy box, restrictions and more!

Inventory Labs Screenshot

Inventory Lab offers a single subscription level. The company offers a free 30-day trial period. Regular pricing includes the rate shown below.

Price:  $49 per month

To learn more about the product:

Click for more on Inventory Lab

If you’ve used Stratify or Scoutify, please add your feedback in the comments section below.

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