Merch Informer is devoted specifically to the Amazon Merch Platform. The software provides tools to build and grow your retail business on Amazon.

Uses of the product include the following.

Merch Informer Features

Below you’ll find an overview of the features provided with this Amazon Merch software tool. Click through the button below for a more in-depth description.

Product Research: Including the ability to easily search Amazon’s Merch listings and to parse out the profitable niches to target with potential new products.
Design Merch Products: Whether you’d like to design just one shirt or bulk design a suite of items, MerchInformer has an easy-to-use interface for either.
Automate: Save time by automating your new design & product submissions. Easily add and manage your items with this helpful automation tool. Note – this is not available for Amazon Merch, but for other platforms (Printful, Redbubble, etc).
Trademark: Now you can easily protect your designs with the trademark protection tool offered by MerchInformer. Sleep easy knowing your designs are protected!
Chrome Extension: Included, you have access to a Chrome Extension. The tool provides helpful stats and performance indicators while surfing Amazon’s platform for shirts and other products.
  • Merch Informer Design
  • Merch Informer Track Competition
  • Merch Informer Discover Keywords
  • Merch Informer Merch Hunter
  • Merch Informer Competitor Tracking
  • Merch Informer Chrome Extension

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked questions about this Amazon Merch Software tool.

  1. What is Merch Informer?

    Merch Informer is a software tool that allows the user to filter through the Amazon Merch platform to find profitable niches. The software also provides an interface to create t-shirt designs and to automate the Amazon Merch submission process.

  2. How much is Merch Informer?

    Merch Informer offers two monthly subscription options. The “Newbie” plan is $9.99 per month and the “Pro” plan costs $19.99 per month. Below, we’ve listed the benefits of Pro vs Newbie.

  3. Is Merch Informer worth it?

    Merch Informer is one of the most reasonably priced Amazon Seller / Merch tools found online, as seen in the prices above. It will depend on the merchant’s product margins, but should only require a few additional conversions per month to justify the price of Merch Informer. See below for user reviews.

  4. Is there a Merch Informer discount code?

    The following promo code will get you 20% off of your subscription package: amznsellertools

Product Reviews

MerchInformer Cost

Amazon seller tools can get costly. We subscribe to tools costing thousands per year. Fortunately, is very reasonably priced. Even the “pro” plan will show a positive ROI in just a few orders.

Below, you’ll find the difference in price points between plans.

$9.99 Basic Plan

Basic Software Access
Product Tracking: N/A
Keyword Tracking: N/A
Trademark Tracking: 50
24/7 Customer Support
Course/Plugin Access
Full Merch Designer Access

$59.99 Pro Plan

Full Software Access
Product Tracking: 150
Keyword Tracking: 200
Trademark Tracking: 8,000
24/7 Customer Support
Merch Academy
Merch Designer
Vector Pack (1,000 per month)
Single Upload Interface Automation

From the pricing above, you can see there’s very little risk to trying out the product. Additionally, the company offers a free trial period to see if it’s right for you.

Merch Informer also offers a risk-free 3 Day Trial for their plans. Use the link below to check it out for FREE now!

If you decide to commit, make sure to use the following coupon code:


That will save you 20% off of your ongoing subscription!

The company also offers a free Chrome Extension to allow bulk uploads to the Amazon Merch platform. This eliminates the need to repetitively choose colors and enter similar information again and again.

If you’ve had experience with this product, please leave your comments below.

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