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Ship, Sync and Save when shipping your Amazon orders using the software, Ordoro.  According to the company’s website, they offer the following. “Batch print labels in a couple clicks, select shipping carriers to get products from shelf to doorstep, and secure cost-effective rates with discounts of up to 67%. Once orders are on the way, we’ll push back tracking numbers to your storefronts and customers.”

Shipping Easy offers the following features.

Label Efficiency:  Quickly create shipping labels and branded packing lists in triple-digit batches within a couple clicks. And as you print, streamline your workflow even more with our direct-to-printer option, a way of sending labels to your printer in a jiffy. No more PDFs and additional clicks!

Automation: Accelerate your process by configuring Shipping Presets that auto-fill shipping parameters when creating labels. Or go a step further and establish Automation Rules that act on orders the second they arrive.

Organize Orders:  As you import orders into Ordoro, automatically or manually assign filterable tags and search to view the status and activity of every shipment, all within a single interface. The app also auto-audits your orders, documenting actions and showing a timeline for each.

Save Money:  Ordoro offers cost-effective rates through every provider, including best-in-industry discounts of up to 67% through USPS. As you process orders, compare the cost to ship through every shipping carrier, and get the most bang for your buck at a glance.

All Major Carriers: Ordoro gets along with all major shipping carriers — integrate and select any USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL International, Canada Post, or Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime account, and utilize the various domestic and international shipping methods of each provider.

Ordoro Screenshot

Ordoro subscription levels are based on the number of monthly shipments made. The company offers a free 15-day trial period. Regular pricing tiers range as seen below.

Minimum Price:  $25 per month (up to 700 units shipped)

Maximum Price:  $129 per month (unlimited units shipped)

An “Enterprise” option is also available for heavier volume.

To learn more about the product:

Click for more on Ordoro

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