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According to a customer review, “PPC Entourage is an Amazon Seller software that analyzes all of your sponsored ads’ data in a super visual way, and then with a couple clicks of a button, it will optimize EVERYTHING for you. It will show you the solid gold.” 

Once subscribed to PPC Entourage, the software will walk you through the following steps.

Keyword Search: The first step is to start with some simple competitor research. Using the provided tools, you’ll analyze a handful of competitors’ listings to grab a set of keywords. With these, the company has you set up an automatic campaign with Amazon.

Extract the best Keywords:  Using the software, your most profitable keywords are easily extracted. You’ll also be directed to perform a reverse ASIN search for additional keywords.

Expand Keyword Set:  With these seed keywords, you’ll extract a larger set using PPC Entourage’s extractor tool. You’ll then be directed to add these to your campaigns. Using the company’s software, you’ll continue to cycle through this process to find and optimize for the most profitable terms.

Key Insight Analysis:  Some of the key metrics and insights provided include the following.

  • High Revenue Items: Get quick insight into how well you are pricing your products in the marketplace. Adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.
  • High Revenue Customers: See who has spent the most at your store and offer incentives or target specifically.
  • Low Revenue Items: Quickly see which products simply aren’t performing.
  • Most Loyal Customers: See who has been purchasing from your store. Quickly give them coupons via their unique Amazon email address for their loyalty.
  • Profit Analysis: Alongside your biggest revenue drivers, see exactly how much you are making.
  • Buy Box Opportunities: Keep tabs on which of your items have, or are close to grabbing, the Buy Box.

PPC Entourage Screenshot

Subscription levels are simple and as follows.

Minimum Price:  $49 per month (1-5 SKU’s)

Maximum Price:  $247 per month (52+ SKU’s)

To learn more about the terms and product, click below:

Click for more on PPC Entourage

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