Automated Amazon Refunds

Don’t let any refunds or reimbursements slip through the cracks with Refund Retriever.  According to the company’s website, it allows you to “get the refunds you deserve, get notifications of potential issues, and get detailed information to help you make better decisions.”

The software offers the following features.

Easy Setup & Risk Free: Sign up takes less than 5 minutes. Provide access to FedEx and/or UPS online billing. No monthly, setup or cancellation fees. The only charge you’ll incur is from a percentage of recovered funds.

Shipment Monitoring: Refund Retriever monitors each FedEx and UPS package. You do nothing else, no changes to your operations. Refund Retriever works silently in the background auditing your shipping invoices to “sniff out” service failures such as late deliveries (GSR), billing errors, and much more!

Reporting & Analytics: 24/7 access to your own personalized user interface. Get detailed reports covering all aspects of your shipping activity, discount rates and provide you with intelligence to make smarter decisions about your shipping.

Funds Directly Deposited:  The FedEx and UPS refunds are credited directly to your carrier account. Your fee is a percentage of the savings

Refund Retriever Screenshot

Subscription levels are based on your shipment levels. Pricing tiers range as seen below.

Minimum Price:  40% of recovered funds (up to $1M)

Maximum Price:  50% of recovered funds (up to $50k)

With each package, the company offers

  • No Setup Fee
  • No Contract
  • No Cancellation Fee
  • Free Reports

To learn more about Refund Retriever, click below.

Click for more on Refund Retriever

If you’ve used Refund Retriever, please add your feedback in the comments section below.

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