Automated Refunds & Reimbursements

Amazon isn’t going to go out of their way to figure out how much they owe you. More often than not, you’re owed money. The team at RefundSniper describes their service as follows. “Our team of Amazon specialists analyzes all of your data to efficiently monitor inventory, lost and damaged goods, and returns, so that you receive all the refunds you deserve. Our software tracks your product lifecycle to ensure that every item is accounted for – either in the hands of a satisfied customer or credited back to your account.” 

Features include the following.

Personal Touch: All cases are submitted by live humans who verify the validity of the case before raising it with Amazon Seller Central. This ensures that they operate efficiently and comply with the Amazon Terms of Service (TOS).

Retroactive Refunds: Initially, AMZ Sniper performs an historic, 18 month look-back of your inventory. Once that inventory has been fully reconciled and refunded, they’ll set you up for bi-annual reviews (or whatever period that you request) Their team will always reach out to you for re-authorization to reconcile your account prior to starting a review.

Simple Payment Structure: They will only charge a fee for recoveries, refunds, or inventory obtained through an Amazon Seller Central case ID that is generated by their team. Other reimbursements, whether generated by your own staff or by Amazon unprompted, will not be included in our reporting and fees. You’ll be charged a flat 30% of the recovered funds.


You won’t pay the RefundSniper team until they’ve recovered funds. To start, you can fill out the form on their site, then they start the work within a few business days.

Price:  30% of recovered funds

To learn more about the terms and product, click below:

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