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Amazon provides terrible reporting tools for users to monitor sales and inventory. Mistiming shipments can cost thousands of dollars. With SalesDash, users can better track and forecast their seller data. According to the company’s site, you’ll get “immediate insights into what is close to or currently out-of-stock, you instantly know exactly how many units of each ASIN should be sent in, and when. All of this is calculated with our standard or your custom supply chain timing factored in, so that the timing is the most efficient and cost effective for your business.”

SalesDash offers the following features.

Monitor Inventory: Use the software’s Inventory Insights Panel to monitor your current sales volumes versus inventory levels. Easily visualize your 7, 30, and 90-day sales history to better understand sales velocity and optimize your decision making process.

Simplify Sales & Forecasting: Visualize trends and seasonality data by SKU.  The software offers a Sales Metrics Panel to easily get a snapshot of performance by both dollars and units sold. Filters allow you to slice and dice your data in ways not possible in Amazon’s Seller Tools.

Order Management:  SalesDash makes it much easier to find and filter customer orders. Find your best customers, easily sort by date, or filter by SKU.

Quick & Easy Setup: Setting up the service is simple and takes only minutes. Through the merchant web services API, your data will quickly import and populate within this tool.

SalesDash Screenshot

SalesDash subscription levels are based on the number of ASIN’s you manage. The company bills monthly and offers a free 30-day trial period. Regular pricing tiers range as seen below.

Minimum Price:  $99 per month (up to 100 ASIN’s)

Maximum Price:  $999 per month (up to 5,000 ASIN’s)

To learn more about the product:

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