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Developed by Seller Labs, Scope is a Chrome extension that “allows you to discover sales-driving keywords and profitable products” to “sell more products and expand your inventory.”

Scope allows you to do the following.

Keyword Discovery:  Find high-traffic keywords to improve your Amazon search position. Scope shows you the highest ranking keywords for a product.

Competitor Research:  You’re able to perform a reverse ASIN lookup to see what’s driving your competitor’s sales. Then export a product’s keyword search volume, average CPC bid, estimated sales per keyword and more to supercharge your listings and sell more.

Product Analysis:  Understand your potential profits for a new product through price, fee and sales estimates for any product on Use categories, reviews, price, star rating, the number of sellers and sales rank to narrow down your search to find the perfect product.

Organize Data:  Track the search rank performance of any keyword or product Use the Scope Google Chrome extension to save keywords and products to a custom list for tracking. Export your findings to a .CSV file for further analysis.

Scope Seller Labs Screenshot

Scope offers a 7 day money back guarantee on all options.

Pricing ranges as seen below.

Minimum Price:  $32.50 per month (100 keywords)

Maximum Price:  $57.50 per month (400 keywords)

To learn more about the product:

Click here for details on Scope by Seller Labs

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