Amazon Real Time Repricing Tool

Developed by SellerEngine, Sellery is a tool to help “maximize your sales, profits, and Buy Box ownership.

Sellery allows you to do the following.

Reprice in Real Time:  Don’t wait for batch price uploads every 10-15 minutes or longer, change your price the second it’s required. At this time, Sellery is the only repricing tool on the market offering true real-time repricing. Users report, it’s been a key to success in increasing sales, profits, and Buy Box ownership. Sellery works 24/7 so you can do other things.

Customize Repricing: Sellery offers flexibility in its repricing. Users can employ many different strategies, such as undercutting or matching competitors, varying price depending on buy box owner, using sales velocity to change price, discounting based on inventory age, keeping MAP agreements and more.

Maintain Profitability:  Minimum Price is calculated for each item using its cost (COGS), your cost to ship to Amazon or the buyer, and any applicable Amazon fees and commissions. Once those values are added, the Minimum Price represents the break even point, or what you would have to sell the item for in order to not lose money on the sale. You can also inflate your Minimum Price with a minimum markup or margin to ensure that you also make a bit of money on each sale.

Sellery by SellerEngine

SellerEngine offers a 14-day Free Trial period for their Sellery product.

Price: 1% of your gross monthly sales, with a minimum charge of $50/month and a maximum of $2000/month.

Minimum Price:  $50 per month (less than $5k in sales)

Maximum Price:  $2,000 per month ($200k in sales)

To learn more about the product:

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