SnapUPC has been a part of our Amazon Seller tools stack for years now. We’ve used them for hundreds of Amazon FBA UPC codes and plan to continue to rely on them for all future barcodes.

As an Amazon FBA Seller, you’ll come across many codes, including FNSKU, ASIN, EAN, SKU, UPC and a few more. At first this will seem extremely confusing. Just know that as an Amazon FBA Seller, you’ll need a UPC code to send inventory into Amazon’s warehouse. We’ll show you how easy it is to do so in the SnapUPC Review and video below.

Amazon FBA UPC codes required

Before we get started, we’d like to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about barcodes and Amazon’s FBA requirements. Below are the FAQs from our Seller community.

Amazon UPC Codes – FAQs

What is an Amazon UPC Code?

An Amazon UPC Code is a unique set of numbers with corresponding bar code assigned to each product on Amazon. If you’re adding a new listing, Amazon will require a unique UPC code during that listing process.

Does Amazon require UPC codes?

Every product sold on Amazon requires a unique UPC code. If you’re adding a new product listing, you will be required to include a unique code. As a private label brand FBA seller, every new listing will require a new, unique code. As an Amazon reseller of existing goods, you will not need these codes as the products will already exist on the platform.

Does Amazon provide UPC codes?

No – Amazon will not provide UPC codes for you to use when establishing your listing. You will need to buy these from a reputable provider. Please see our recommended provider with coupon code below.

Where do I buy Amazon UPC Codes?

There are many companies offering UPC codes for selling on Amazon. Please note that it’s very important to use a reputable seller. If UPC codes are resold and not unique, this can cause many headaches in the future. We offer our suggested vendor below.

Is there a SnapUPC Coupon Code?

Yes – we’re a proud supporter of SnapUPC and have the following coupon code available to our community for 10% off your purchase: amzst10

Is SnapUPC Legit?

We’ve personally used SnapUPC dozens of times and to purchase hundreds of Amazon UPC codes. We’ve grown to become a 7-figure seller and have never had an issue with non-unique codes or other. We fully endorse this company and their service.

How do I use my Amazon UPC code?

When creating a new product listing in your Seller account, you’ll be required to add a “Product ID” on your “Vital Info” tab. This dropdown will let you choose between various ID types. You’ll want to select “UPC.” From there, you’ll want to add a unique code. Please see step by step instructions below.

How & where to use my UPC Codes with new Amazon FBA listings:

Add a New Listing in Amazon Seller Central

Amazon UPC Code - How To Step 1

Step 1: Add new listing on Amazon. If this is a new product, it will require a unique code. Click on “I’m adding a product not sold on Amazon” to get to the next step.

Change Product ID to UPC

Amazon UPC Code - How to Step 2: change Product ID to UPC

Step 2: change Product ID to UPC: in your “Vital Info” tab, change the dropdown options under “Product ID” to “UPC.”

Buy a Unique UPC Code

Amazon UPC Code - How to Step 3

Step 3: Buy a code from a reputable source. Make sure this is a Unique UPC code not used with any other product listings.

Enter SnapUPC Coupon Code

Amazon UPC Code - How to Step 4

Step 4: If using SnapUPC, add a coupon code for a 10% discount. Our community code is: amzst10

Download Codes in csv Format

Amazon UPC Code - How to Step 5

Step 5: after you buy your codes from SnapUPC, download the csv spreadsheet.

Copy the Code from Spreadsheet

Amazon UPC Code - How to Step 6

Step 6: Copy the first code from the downloaded csv document.

Paste into Amazon FBA Seller Listing

Amazon UPC Code - How to Step 7

Step 7: add the unique UPC code under Product ID with “UPC” previously selected. Save once other required fields are entered.

We hope that helps to clarify some of the confusion surrounding these codes.

Also, we can’t stress enough how important it is to use a trusted UPC code provider. If you don’t use SnapUPC, please use a reputable source!

If you do use this source, feel free to take advantage of the SnapUPC coupon code below.

SnapUPC Coupon Code

10% off for our community Members

SnapUPC Coupon Code: amzst10

You can click here to go directly to SnapUPC’s site to buy those codes using the discount above.

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