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Personally, our Amazon FBA business has reached millions of dollars in sales with the help of Viral Launch. We’ve relied on their suite of tools for just over two years and would rate it among our Top 3 Amazon Seller Software Products in our personal FBA Toolkit.

Viral Launch has been around for a few years now. They initially released their “Product Launch” service (over 17k launches) and have expanded (significantly) into other Amazon Seller tools.

DATA FOCUSED: We’ve always appreciated Viral Launch’s extreme focus on “data.” Their team includes a “Data Science” team. They employ AI-driven solutions. And, they use literally billions of Amazon data points. They’re grown large enough to leverage their footprint even more so when it comes to data.

They now offer a wide range of products from “product launch” to PPC optimization and almost everything in-between. Here’s a list of Viral Launch features.

Viral Launch Amazon Seller Tools

Product Discovery
Market Intelligence
Keyword Research
Competitor Intelligence
Listing Builder
Listing Analyzer
Keyword Manager
A/B Testing

Below, we’ll describe each Viral Launch Amazon feature. We’ll also explain how we’ve used it to scale our business.

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Viral Launch Product Discovery

Viral Launch Product Discovery

Product Discovery: Viral Launch Product Discovery Feature is one of their best and most used tool. Probably the most frequent question that we get is, “how do I find products to sell on Amazon?” You’ll want to analyze the search metrics for any prospective items before launching a product. The Product Discovery feature allows you do that in a few ways.

  • Product Category: This is the most broad way to search. If you have no idea what to sell, this is a good place to start. As an Amazon Seller, you’ll want to focus your products on a specific niche. Often we see sellers mistakenly build a hodgepodge portfolio. This eliminates the ability to leverage branding and customer loyalty. Find a product category that interests you and that has a strong market. This tool allows you to do exactly that. Filter by general interest category, market trends, sales, and much more.
  • Brand: We rarely use this Product Discovery feature. It allows you to find Amazon brands based on a wide range of filters. It’s possibly helpful for resellers or competitor analysis.
  • Product Keywords: This is one of Viral Launch’s most powerful tools. Amazon sellers are constantly looking for new keywords. This can be helpful for product discovery or to expand targeted phrases for existing products. The software allows for filtering based on every imaginable criteria. At first the possibilities seem a bit overwhelming. Don’t be discouraged. Start with one or two filters that are most important, like your categories main keyword. Start narrowing down the results based on the lowest hanging fruit metrics.
  • Products: Move onto this section once you’ve gathered a quality set of keywords. Enter those phrases to this area of Product Discovery to see current leaders on Amazon. You’ll find detailed information to gauge competitiveness. Viral Launch provides a detailed analysis of profitability, reviews, growth, and more. You’ll have all of the data you’ll need to find a product with good margins and a less competitive landscape.

Another great feature of Product Discovery is the ability to “pin” interesting results from the search results mentioned above. Save all of your potentially successful leads to revisit in the future.

Viral Launch Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence Keyword Analysis

Market Intelligence: Viral Launch claims to have the most accurate sales estimates and product trends, built upon real-time and historical data from billions of real Amazon data points. The company has a proprietary algorithm with “dozens of in-house rules” allowing them to efficiently analyze products. Historical sales, price, and review data allow you to leverage information about market trends to take advantage of profitable opportunities. For simplicity,  5-star validation is used for potentially successful product ideas. Use the software to then determine a product’s required upfront investment and calculate your potential profit.

  • Pricing:  Market Intelligence costs $20 per month. With this link, save $10 off of first month or $25 off first year.

Keyword Research

Amazon FBA Keywords

Keywords: Once you’re ready to launch your product, this feature will be essential. It’ll allow you to find all relevant keywords and determine the importance of each. It does so based on a number of factors.

  • Priority Score
  • Relevancy Score
  • Opportunity Score
  • Search Volume
  • Search Volume Growth
  • Average Price
  • Average Sales
  • Average Review Count
  • Dominant Categories

You can find a few of the metrics above using free Amazon Seller tools. Some, however, are proprietary to Viral Launch and available only because of the size of the platform. VL is able to leverage their user base and data set to establish “score” factors not found elsewhere. These should provide a competitive advantage over sellers not using this tool.

Amazon Seller Competitor Tracking

Track Amazon Seller Competitors

Amazon Competitor Tracking: As the market becomes saturated, it’s more important than ever to stay ahead of your competition. It’s virtually impossible to do this without an automated tool. Viral Launch allows you to track your competition based on a handful of metrics. You can even schedule notifications for changes in any of the following.

  • Competitor BSR Change
  • Review Quantity Change
  • Sales Quantity Change
  • Price Fluctuations
  • Review Rating Change
  • Buy Box Owner Change

Any significant fluctuations with the above will trigger an email. This can be crucial for staying competitive on Amazon.

Product Launch: Viral Launch has a community of 350,000 users they can reach for a product launch. The company will expose your product to this market to increase sales and, in return, improve keyword rankings. By increasing keyword rankings, your sales should improve and this snowball effect will hopefully create a lasting momentum. To take part, you’ll be required to take part in a deeply discounted program for your product. The cost is not just that listed below, but any discounts you’re taking to promote your product.

Product Photography:  You’ll need stunning images to set you apart from the competition on the Amazon Marketplace. Viral Launch has a team to shoot your curated set of studio (white-background) and lifestyle shots to tell your product’s story to potential customers. In-house photographers boast 10+ years of experience and internal consultants shape the perfect shot based on a breadth of experience.

Listing Optimization:  Consultants will analyze and craft your keywords to optimize for search. Copywriters will include these keywords to maximize impact on search while maintaining an organic and simplistic understanding of your product and its benefits. The main two goals with this service are to maximize keyword exposure and to optimize for sales conversions. This is accomplished through your Amazon title, description, bullet points, and back-end search terms.

Split Testing:  Otherwise known as “A/B Testing,” this allows you to determine which price point, images, title, and description make your listing the most money. You can set it and forget it with Viral Launch’s product, Listing Dojo. You’ll drive the optimum number of clicks, sessions, conversions, and sales. Tracking is made simple with beautifully displayed, comprehensive graphs and statistics to identify the most profitable options for each listing element.

Viral Launch FAQ

We get a lot of questions about Viral Launch. Below, find the most commonly asked along with our two cents.

If you’ve used Viral Launch, please add your feedback in the comments section below.

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